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New Balance Men’s 247v2

The men’s 247v2 deconstructed from New Balance features eye-catching new updates like a minimalist forefoot saddle that combines classic branding with snug support. The bootie construction, deconstructed collar and lightweight cushioning make this a foolproof choice for your modern lifestyle.

Sneakers without laces

Sneakers without laces are easy going if you have them. But it is not always easy to find them as the majority of the sport shoes are with strings. Nevertheless we’ve found some sportive trainer designs.

Most of the brands have made some sneakers without laces but it’s never been in abundance. A sad thing actually as sneakers without strings are easy in use, comfortable and always stand out a bit.


Puma is probably the sport shoe brand that made the most effort in designing interesting sneakers without laces in a wide variety of designs. It has proven itself with the classic running shoe; the Puma OSU. A trainer that stands out from the crowd by its simple but elegant design. A trademark for those rare sport shoes designs that can stand the test of time.

Besides the Puma OSU running shoes Nike comes close in it’s innovative designs. Nike’s a giant in the sportswear industry as we well know. With the most amazing fashion sneaker designs. But when it comes to sport shoes without laces Nike still has to do some catching up.

Although the Nike Lunar Fly are definitely sport shoes to look into if you are hunting for sneakers without strings.

sneakers without laces
buy sport shoes without laces

Other alternatives for Nike or Puma Sneakers without laces.

 Of course Nike and Puma are not the only brands who went for shoes with an alternative closure system. Skechers and Salomon for instance have found an alternative for the the problem of strings as well.

Salomon uses its quicklace system giving the all terrain running shoes a tight fit. As the last thing you want is to stumble over your shoelaces when you’re doing your round. And besides the practicality of the trail running shoes, they are really funky and available in many colours.

The Cyber London by Asics is a good alternative for the Lunarfly by Nike. Both have a big Velcro closure that seals the shoe and gives you the comfort of a personal sneaker fit.

It’s a well appraised sport shoe with 4.5 stars on Amazon and lots of user reviews.

The Adidas Performance Trainer is also an option. These trainers have the same grand gesture as the Nike shoes. In the end it all depends on personal taste.

That’s why it’s so great that you have such a huge choice of sneakers. In the end you definitely find something that represents who you are and what you feel comfortable with.


Loafers, designer shoes or sneakers without laces.

 Long gone are the days that you had separate classes of trainers, loafers, designer shoes of boots. Many shoes are cross overs. Classic shoes with the features of sport shoes. Loafers with a classic step in step out design almost look like sneakers. And we all remember the tall fashion design sneaker with a wedge.

All those crossovers have definitely made the shoe world a richer place. There are literally millions of shoe designs which is great but confronts us with a problem as well. The problem of choice.

In a way it’s a matter of luck finding the perfect shoe. But if you are looking for some sneakers without laces then at least you can find a great selection on this site.

As for making it even more transparent you can find an extensive list of sneakers without strings you can buy at Amazon. Sport shoes with at least 4 stars and good reviews.


Special sneakers without laces design.

Furoshiki sneakers wrap shoes for comfort yoga One of the latest and most original sneaker designs is inspired by the Japanese art of wrapping, called Furoshiki. Furoshiki is an old tradition were the Japanese wrap up their cloth when going to a public bathing house.

This specific idea inspired sneaker designers of Vibram to design trainers that are wrapped around your feet. You don’t have to tie strings, zip or force you feet into small shoes. You simply wrap the material of the sneaker around your feet and adjust it like you see fit.

An amazing innovation in the shoe industry and it would be great if more shoes could be designed like this. No more stepping into shoes, but the sneakers without laces slide natural around your feet!


purple laceless sneakers for women – Fierce Strap Swirl trainers

Puma purple laceless sneakers for women.

puma purple sneakers lacelessPuma designed a whole range of laceless sneakers for women with its Fierce trainers line. Perhaps the best know are the Fierce Cross series. But besides these purple laceless sneakers Puma brought to us a lot more.

The Purple sneakers called Fierce strap are elegant as they are comfortable.  You can also order them in pink and black by the way, if purple laceless sneakers are not your thing.

The demi-cut, lightweight sneakers combine the tradition of the fashion sneakers with the sportive look.  Which is great if you want to use them for multiple occasions. They do great for a night out of town, but just as well for a walk in the park.

The popular design of the Puma Fierce Core Cross Trainers brought them to a more fashionable design. The straps around the sneakers make them different though.

The shaft measures approximately mid-top from arch, which is great for a supportive and comfortable fit. They are brought as a run-train sport performance sneaker, but they are better labeled as fashion sneakers. Nevertheless the purple laceless sneakers will do great for some sportive action.

Tech details: The shoes are vegan friendly. No leather is used.

    • FIT: The special laceless closure provides a superior fit, while the PUMA-branded gore at the shoe’s collar seals the tongue to your ankle to ensure a supportive fit
    • STABILITY: Additional heel thickness on medial and lateral sides supports side to side movements
    • GRIP: Solid rubber outsole pods provide full ground contact and traction without weighing you down
    • MOVEMENT: The pivot point in the outsole allows for easy 360-degree movement, while a full-length flex groove encourages fast and dynamic multi-directional movement

The shoes only ship to the U.S. at the moment. I hope they will be available worldwide soon as they are definately sport shoes to be seen with. As always, if you consider buying sneakers from Amazon, you can send them back if they do not proper fit. Amazon is generally speaking relaxed about these things and have a great customer care service.

purple laceless sneakers by Puma

Other Purple laceless sneakers to consider.

Puma also designed a lower model. the Puma Burst. A cross trainer they sell in the color purple too. So if you’re in you’re looking for purple laceless sneakers these two are definately sneakers to look into.

Puma purple sneakers for women trainers without laces




Slip on sneakers for men – Introducing the Ecco Lynx!

Slip on sneakers for men – Introducing the Ecco Lynx!

ecco lynx slip on sneakers for menEcco Lynx slip on sneakers for men.

Last year Ecco came with a neat pair of slip on shoes. The Lynx slip on sneakers for men are stylishly designed. The sportive shoes have a homely feel but can also be worn with proud on more formal occasions.

The easy step in shoes come in elegant black. The velcro closure is well used in the overall design of the slip on sneakers. The ECCO Lynx leasure shoes are made in a mix of leather and breathable mesh. The sporty trainers are made is such a way that they will give your feet a comfortable feel. They look light and soft, nevertheless the direct-injected PU midsole foam provides long-lasting cushioning and outstanding everyday walking comfort.


Where are ECCO sneakers made ?

These ECCO Lynx slip on sneakers for men are made in European countries like The Netherlands or Portugal. As ECCO has it’s own shoe factories in Europe and Asia. Other countries where ECCO produces shoes are in Indonesea and China. (Like many sport shoe brands as Nike, Adidas and Puma.)

ECCO is a European shoe company founded in Denmark in 1963. Today they own and operate factories throughout Europe and Asia. They produce all the leather used in making Ecco shoes, taking measures to protect the environment at the same time. Their sole aim is to make a comfortable walking shoe.

ECCO owns tanneries in the Netherlands, Thailand, Indonesia and China. ECCO’s tanneries are among the leading manufacturers of leather to the fashion, sports, and car industries. ECCO has engaged in a research program to reduce the environmental impact of the tanning process. Approximately 80% of ECCO’s shoes are produced in its own shoe factories in Portugal, Slovakia, Thailand, Indonesia and China, and 20% under licence in a number of countries including Indonesia, China and India.

Ecco Lynx slip on sneakers for men

Ecco Lynx slip on sneakers for men.

Adidas Performance trainers

Adidas Performance trainers

Adidas Performance trainers without laces for menThe Adidas Performance trainers without laces.

The Adidas Performance Zen is the brother of the Adidas Performance Lite for women. The sport shoes have been enthusiastically welcomed especially by those who have delicate feet.  On the Amazon reviews page you’ll find that the Adidas Performance trainers fit comfortably around your feet. The Adidas step in shoes became popular along the sneaker community.

Most of the time Adidas is traditional in it’s sneaker design. With the Adidas performance trainers they stepped out of their comfort zone and made a spectacular design.

One of the reasons why the Adidas Zen Performance does so well is based upon the fabrics used for the shoes. The Zen cloud foam makes the sport shoes fit comfortable around your feet.
Another huge advantage with thesAdidas Performance trainers are that you can easily slip in and out of the sneakers. Which comes in handy if you travel a lot. Nowadays the customs at the airports asks you regularly to take of your shoes. This is easily done with no hassle with the Adidas Performance Zen trainers.

Although the shoes are advertised as Men’s sneakers, you can easily qualify them as unisex. In the end it all depends upon taste. Bear in mind though that the Adidas Performance trainers are not available in half sizes. The Adidas Zen Performance Sneakers are available in the colors Red, Blue, White, Gray and Black/White. Other specs of the Adidas trainers are:

  • Textile and synthetic
  • Rubber sole
  • Air mesh upper for maximum ventilation
  • Wide fit in the forefoot offers toe movement and comfort
  • cloudfoam ultra footbed for extra-soft, extra-smooth cushioning
  • Injected EVA outsole is lightweight and durable

Adidas performance trainers without laces for men



The Stylish Puma Sneaker Disc SF is back

The Stylish Puma Sneaker Disc SF is back

red puma sneakers disc for men.The Puma Sneaker disc SF.

Puma came with a brand new sneakers disc series. The Puma sneaker disc SF closure system is ideal if you are looking for a Reebok Insta pump Fury alternative. The new fashion sneakers are based upon an older idea that was introduced back in the 90’s. Instead of using laces Puma uses a disc system to make the sport shoes fit comfortable around your feet.

The Puma disc is longer on the market with other series like the Puma Men’s Future Disc Lite Tech series. Tese were launched in January 2014. The new Puma Men’s Disc SF however is more aerodynamic in design then the Puma Sneakers Disc Blaze thanks to the influence of Ferrari. The sleek trainers have the Ferrari Scuderia shield and the PUMA logo at the heel.
You can find the Puma Disc SF in three colors at Amazon. Red / black, black / red and black / white. The black sport shoes have an inner Ferrari yellow color and a black yellow disc as well. All variations have their own unique design.

As for sneakers without laces the Puma Disc SF system is the ultimate. Instead of fiddling around with laces you simply turn the disc on the Puma fashion sneakers and tighten or loosen the sport shoes. It’s an ideal and modern approach that almost puts the sneaker into the league of other gadgets like the smartphone or the smartwatch. Puma shows that they are capable of making high tech fashion sneakers that are not only great in design but in functionality and comfort as well.

The New Puma Sneaker Disc SF.

It’s great to see the sneakers disc closure system coming of age. The older models like the Puma Disc Blaze where a bit bulky. But the new Puma Sneaker Disc SF series are sleek and sober in design, except for it’s colors. As for the product information: The trainers are made from textile and synthetic materials with a rubber sole and a ribbed drivers heel. All in all Puma made another classic!  Sport shoes that you will keep, long after you’ve worn them because you know that they are unique designs.

red puma sneaker disc SF




Slip on shoes with zipper: Steve Madden Ellias

Slip on shoes with zipper: Steve Madden Ellias

Steve Maden slip on shoes with zipper closureSteve Madden women’s Ellias slip on shoes with zipper closure.

Steve Madden has a wide variety of slip on shoes. These Ellias slip on shoes with zipper closure is one of the models that are great to wear at home. But besides comfortable slip on shoes they have the funky chic touch and feel that make them great as dress sneakers as well.

The Steve Madden Ellias slip on shoes with zipper closure are are no leather shoes and veggie friendly and made out of synthetic materials. The Steve Madden Ellias dress sneakers are for sale in two flavors; black and rose/gold. The later one is definitely a conversation shoe and will give your jeans or dress an extra boost.

As the many reviews on Amazon will tell you, the dress sneakers are great but a bit on the narrow side, so consider buying them half a size larger.

Steve Madden dress sneakers

Steve Madden started his company in the nighties and is based in Long Island City, New York. The company started out by selling shoes out of the trunk of his car in Brooklyn making a mere $1000. Today the company has a 250 stores in over a 65 countries and made a net sales of $1.4 billion for 2015.

The company’s brand include amongst other things Madden Girl, Freebird, Betseyville, Big Buddha, Wild Pair, Cejon and Mad Love. The trendy footwear for women can often be seen as dress sneakers. Funky chic sneakers, boots and slip on shoes with an affordable price tag.

Women’s Slip on sneakers with zipper closure.

The advantage of a zipper on the side of the slip on shoes is clear, the dress sneakers will not twist on the back of the shoes. But beside practicality the zipper closure also gives something extra to the design of the dress sneakers. The shoes get that touch of chic design, especially the rose gold fashion sneakers!

steve madden slip on shoes with zipper closure dress sneakers for women

Steve madden slip on shoes with zipper closure – dress sneakers for women

steve madden slip on shoes with zipper closure dress sneakers for women





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